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::  Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA  –  2014-2018        –       BFA in animation with honors
::  Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland  –  Jan 2017- May 2017

:: Sonoran desert travel course (MassArt)  –  September-October 2016

::  The Beacon School, New York, NY  –  2010-2014

Work Experience

Teacher/Counselor, ID Tech, New York, NY - Summer 2017
            :: Created and executed lesson plans in video production for 10-15 year-olds

  Media Production Intern, Brookline Interactive Group, Brookline, MA - Summer 2016
            :: Animated and edited video for various segments of this educational public access TV station

Story Boarder, Daughter One Productions, New York, NY - Summer 2015
            ::  Composed and drew story boards to illustrate topics of interview dialogue

  CIT, Creative Arts Program, The Berkely Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY - Summers, 2011-2014     
            ::  Aided teachers in different art classes throughout the day in a period- based schedule
            ::  Responsible for a group of 6-10 children each day


InShort Film Festival- short film: Seeing in the Dark- 2018
TOFUZI Fest: Tbilisi, Georgia- nominated for best experimental film- short film: Seeing in the Dark- 2018
MassArt Senior Animation Show: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston- short film: Seeing in the Dark2018
Salon de Refuses: Ottawa, Canada- short film: Prey -  2017
Blink and You'll Miss It: Edinburgh, Scotland- short film: Prey -  2017
MassArt All School Show- short film: the Joker  -  2016
Hill2Hill- short film: Void
  -  2016

Volunteer Experience

Workshop Teacher, Union Canal Primary School, Edinburgh, Scotland - Spring 2017
            :: Ran a stop motion animation workshop for middle-school students

CIT, Children’s Museum of the Arts  - 2009-2012
            ::  Assisted in teaching stop motion and cell animation to 5-13 year-olds
            ::  Helped plan and set up lessons for each day

Awards/ Other Projects

Second Place Winner, B’nai B’rith Diverse Minds Writing Challenge  - 2013
            ::  Wrote and illustrated a 24-page children’s book on tolerance

Artist/Publisher/Editor in Chief, “Nuts ‘n’ Bolts,” Writer/Illustrator, Heart of Clay -  2012-2014
            ::  Wrote, illustrated, and sold a graphic novel and several collaborative comic zines

Extra Skills
Proficient in Spanish. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. Experience in stop motion and 2D animation. Experience in iron working and casting. Experience in accordion, including performances at special events. Studied Aikido with Sensei Lehrman in Brooklyn, NY.